Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Adventures in Making Pelmeni from Scratch

Being that we enjoy pelmeni (Russian dumplings) quite a lot when we have them at a local Russian deli, I've wanted to make them myself for a while.  So, I looked online and discovered the wonderful Taste Russian blog and their pelmeni recipe. (See:

I hear that pelmeni are quite popular in Kazakhstan, and also that it is traditional for children to make pelmeni with their parents.  So, I consider this a dry run!

Okay -- Confession time.  I made these on Saturday, but I'm just posting them now.  I need to get better about this blogging thing, make it a real habit and all that good stuff.

So, the first challenge was converting the metric measurements to cups and fluid ounces.  Papa Beast pointed out that a simple Google or Yahoo search will do the conversion for you.  Now, I decided to do a double batch of their recipe, considering that it's hard to find half a pound of beef or pork.

Papa Beast also kindly made his way into the kitchen at various points during this whole process to take pictures.  Thanks, Honey!  :-)

So I made the dough, and here I am kneading it.  Kneading the dough was fun.  You can see what an utter mess I made of the countertop, though.  You can also see that I didn't end up using all of the cold water in the measuring cup.  I think I ended up rounding down slightly on the flour when I did the conversion from metric.  Either way, the flavor ended up working out.

Next you make a snake, which ends up being cut into sections and then those sections are rolled out into circles.

Why yes, I did have a lot of gunk in my engagement ring after all this.  Thanks for asking.  :-p

All those little circles, all in a row.  I ended up making each pelmeni bigger than it should have been -- which is fine.  But next time I think I will make four snakes out of the double batch, to get more smaller pelmeni.  I think they'll be easier to cook evenly that way, and maybe be more uniform in size.

Do a dollop of filling!  I used their filling recipe, but I put the onion and garlic in the food processer rather than grating it.  I also use jarred garlic.

Starting to fold.  And starting to get flour EVERYWHERE.  Shoulda worn an apron.  Ah, well, next time.

Look at that cute little pot sticker!

Folding the pot sticker into a tortellini style shape.

All the oversized pelmeni, all in a row.  Most wound up in Ziploc bags in the freezer -- next time we want pelmeni, all I'll need to do is boil them.

A close up of the pretty pelmeni.  And, of course, I didn't think to photograph the cooked ones.  Perhaps when I pull some out of the freezer and cook them, I'll remember to take a picture.
Papa Beast definitely considers these a "make again" and even one of his very favorite things I make.  I enjoyed it also, especially with sour cream.  Yum!

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