Monday, November 11, 2013

Citizenship Approved and a New Template

Papa Beast is approved for Naturalization to the United States! 

However, he is not yet a US Citizen.  Basically, the approval is similar to a marriage license and just like you need a ceremony to be married (at least here in California, your laws may vary :p), you need to take the Oath of Citizenship to become a citizen.

Unlike getting married, however, you don't get the government go ahead during the week and then have your ceremony on the weekend.  Oh no, things aren't that easy in government land.

Instead, you wait. 

It can take up to a month to get a notice in the mail with your date, time, and location to appear to take the oath.  That doesn't stop me from stalking the mailbox several times a day, six days a week (when it isn't a Federal holiday).  I tell myself that it's because I'm expecting a book from Amazon or the replacement for a damaged Blu-ray disc.  Those things I tell myself are lies.

That isn't to say that I'm not incredibly thankful that things are moving ahead -- but it isn't easy to know that it will take months more to get my husband his passport, which is needed for our dossier.

So, while we wait, I do silly things like tinker with the blog template.  I like this one, because I do like yellow and grey -- I might try to add a little blue, though to reflect the colors of the flag of Kazakhstan.  Hmmm...back to tinkering.

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